Always running out?

Running out of grip too soon? Say hello to our game-changer: Our signature 200ml Goddess Grip! This jumbo-sized bottle is the ultimate solution for those who need a grip that goes the distance. No more interruptions mid-routine—our 200ml is here to keep you in control, so you can unleash your power on the pole without worry!

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  • Activate Your Potential

    Goddess Grip is the game-changing pole grip that empowers you to unleash your full potential with its unrivaled grip and support, allowing you to conquer every pole move with confidence and grace. Our specialised formula was selected with pole dancers in mind and is perfect for those struggling with sweaty hands, sensitive skin and slippery poles!

  • Pole Dancing

    Elevate your pole dancing to new heights with Goddess Grip, the sacred fusion of supreme grip and spiritual energy that unlocks your inner goddess and enhances your performance like never before. With an unrivled formula, specially crafted for pole dancing our grip will leave you wondering why you've been using that old all purpose liquid chalk!

  • Weight Lifting

    If it's strong enough for pole, it's strong enough for the gym! Unlock your strength and elevate your weightlifting game with the versatile power of Goddess Grip. Whether you're deadlifting or bench pressing, our grip provides enhanced control, comfort, and confidence, helping you reach new heights in your fitness journey.